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What is Jerusalem?

    Ibrahim Alloush         While in the U.S.A, an Arab or a Muslim may hear many an American protest: “… but the Christians have the Vatican, and the Muslims have Mecca.  So why can’t the Jews have Jerusalem?!”.   The implied condemnation in that rhetorical question naturally turns Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, [...]

Personal Random Thoughts on the Mandela Memorial Show

    Muhammad Abu Nasr We live in deeply irritating times. Mandela's memorial turned out to be a big circus. If I identified with the current South African leaders, I'd feel deeply humiliated right now at how that show went. But since South Africa is very far from being a bastion of the liberation struggle, I really don't care. I can [...]

El Estado único en Palestina: ¿Problema de judaización o de mera existencia de “Israel”?

Ibrahim Alloush The Free Arab Voice Traducido del árabe para Rebelión por Antonio Martínez Castro http://www.rebelion.org/noticia.php?id=165098&titular=¿problema-de-judaización-o-de-mera-existencia-de-“israel”?- El discurso contra la “judaización de Israel” se canaliza por dos caminos: el [...]

The Case against pro-Palestinian Activists Pandering to “Progressive Jews”

Muhammad Abu Nasr 2/21/2013 Between 10-12 May 2013, a group of Arab, Western, and Jewish activists and writers will convene in Stuttgart, Germany, under the auspices of the so-called "Anti-imperialist Camp" to promote a platform of "One Democratic State for all its citizens in historical Palestine", as the invitation called it. Besides [...]

Entrevista a Ibrahim Alloush, coordinador del Grupo al-Kaluti – Yak Campaña para expulsar al embajador israelí de Jordania

Ibrahim Alloush Voz de Rusia Traducido del árabe para Rebelión por Antonio Martínez Castro. Fahim al-Sourani entrevista al profesor Ibrahim Alloush, coordinador del Grupo al-Kaluti–Yak [1], sobre la campaña emprendida para expulsar al embajador israelí de Jordania. Fahim al-Sourani (F.S.): El doctor Ibrahim Alloush [...]

La intifada egipcia es el rayo de una nube sin lluvia

Ibrahim Alloush Free Arab Voice Traducción del árabe para Rebelión de Antonio Martínez Castro. No basta con derribar el obstáculo del miedo al poder para hacer la revolución siempre que entendamos “revolución” en su sentido real de proyecto de liberación nacional y social (sin Hermandades, ni salafismos, ni [...]

Azmi Bichara, de promover la normalización con la entidad sionista a promover la “democracia” de los neo islamistas

http://www.rebelion.org/noticia.php?id=155688&titular=azmi-bichara-de-promover-la-normalizaci%C3%B3n-con-la-entidad-sionista-a-promover-la-%E2%80%9Cdemocracia%E2%80%9D-de-   Ibrahim Alloush Free Arab Voice Traducido del árabe por Antonio Martínez Castro El 23/7/2012 en un programa de al-Yazira titulado “La democracia, [...]

China, Russia, and BRICS – the Rise of a New World Order Challenges the West

Muhammad Abu Nasr The new order being led by China and Russia will not recreate the Cold War, but it won't just be absorbed into US-led globalism either. It's something really new.  This rising 'new order' is based on economic development, stability, and national sovereignty while the US and NATO are becoming increasingly desperate and rely on [...]

The U.S.: Does Kucinich’s Defeat Signal the End of Liberal Left Anti-imperialism?

Muhammad Abu Nasr March 3, 2012 For many years the most anti-war or anti-imperialist members of the US Congress have been the liberal leftist Dennis Kucinich of Ohio and the rightist libertarian Ron Paul of Texas. The Zionists hated both of them and have been working against them any way they can. On Tuesday, 6 March 2012, Kucinich was defeated [...]

Eight Short Interviews with Russia Today on Syria and Libya

Syrian opposition getting 'daily shipments' of arms ... ... recent reports of fierce fighting in Homs, many wonder where the opposition is getting so many arms from. No wonder, argues Professor Ibrahim Alloush, as “weaponry is being smuggled into Syria in large quantities from all over the place.” “It is pretty [...]

Leyes que favorecen el control de EEUU sobre internet (In Spanish)

http://www.rebelion.org/noticia.php?id=143781&titular=leyes-que-favorecen-el-control-de-eeuu-sobre-internet- Ibrahim Alloush freearabvoice.org Traducido para Rebelión por Carmen García Flores La Wikipedia inglesa cerró su página en Internet el domingo 18 de enero de 2012 en protesta por los proyectos de ley que se [...]

A Position Statement By The Arab Nationalist List On The Assassination Of Mu`ammar Al-Qaddhafi And His Comrades, Libya, and Arab Consciousness

  PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY       A Condemnation Of The Killing of Martyred Libyan Arab Leader Muammar Qaddhafi, Who Was Assassinated After Being Captured Injured, While Resisting To The Last, After NATO Tracked And Bombed His Convoy   Two things have now become certain: First, that Qaddhafi and his companions were killed while [...]

A Letter to the Editor of the Washington Post Redarding Amman’s Protest Friday, July 22, 2011

Dear Editor of the Washington Post, On July 22, 2011, your esteemed internet site carried a report from the Associated Press titled: "Jordanians Seeking Democratic Reforms Burn US Flag, Denouncing Interference in Movement".  Unfortunately, that report misquoted me as having said that we, the demonstrators, "want a real functioning democratic [...]

Drawing Inspiration and Lessons from US Activism of the 60’s and 70’s

July 7th, 2011 By Muhammad Abu Nasr Questions occasionally come up about the content and importance - or lack of it - of the popular movements in the US during the 1960s and 1970s. While many of those who discuss the question were born long after those years, some of us actually are old enough to have lived through those times. I lived and took [...]

Chomsky Shows His True Colors, Again

    July 3rd, 2011 Hazem Biqaeen   Noam Chomsky, being generally progressive and influential, still can't go beyond his Zionist Jewish nationalist loyalties and imperial self-interests at the critical junctures. The "left" in the West have given him an exalted mythical status, and worship him to the point of inability to assess him [...]

Arab Revolt or a Poisoned Banquet?

Muhammad Abu Nasr More and more it looks like the US is really trying to change the Arab region. The US knows that the masses there hate the corrupt dictatorial regimes, so if the US can guide the replacement of those regimes with regimes that believe in democratic procedures and are willing to sit and listen to the wise western standards [...]

A call to defend Libya’s unity, sovereignty, and independence from imperialist aggression

Peoples of the world, After the partially successful popular Arab revolts against puppet regimes in Tunisia and Egypt, Western imperialism and Zionism are now on the counter-offensive. It was only to be expected that imperialism and Zionism would not stand idle while their global system of fragmentation, domination, and exploitation was being [...]

No Hope from the U.S. Political System for Palestine or Afghanistan

Muhammad Abu Nasr  12/15/2010  Obama is massively unpopular in America right now and the most likely change in 2012 will be some landslide for Republicans, depending, of course, on whom they nominate. But that means that even if Americans are supposedly less enthusiastic about "Israel" and the Zionists, as some pundits have it, it won't matter [...]

The International Monetary Fund (IMF)

   Ibrahim Alloush Al-Sabeel 7/15/2010 (for the Arabic version, click the link below) http://freearabvoice.org/?p=501 Under the heading: Know your Enemy, we summarize: 1) The International Monetary Fund (IMF) was established at the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference in Bretton Woods.  That Conference convened in the US [...]

The NATO in Afghanistan: Withdrawal in Disgrace or a Bloody Stay?

The NATO in Afghanistan: Withdrawal in Disgrace or a Bloody Stay?   Ibrahim Alloush   The Star, Monday, November 2, 2009 http://www.star.com.jo/main/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=16332&catid=17:op-ed&Itemid=111   One can’t custom-design liberation movements just as one pleases.  This is because [...]

?What is Jerusalem

By Ibrahim Alloush While in the USA, an Arab or a Muslim may hear many an American protest: “… but the Christians have the Vatican, and the Muslims have Mecca; so why can’t the Jews have Jerusalem?!” The implied condemnation in that rhetorical question naturally turns Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, and supporters of the Palestinian cause [...]
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