Syrian WMD: A Russia Today Interview with Ibrahim Alloush

July 24th 2012 | كتبها

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What is Jerusalem?

    Ibrahim Alloush         While in the U.S.A, an Arab or a Muslim may hear many an American protest: “… but the Christians have the Vatican, and the Muslims have Mecca.  So why can’t the Jews have Jerusalem?!”.   The implied condemnation in that rhetorical question naturally turns Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, [...]

Personal Random Thoughts on the Mandela Memorial Show

    Muhammad Abu Nasr We live in deeply irritating times. Mandela's memorial turned out to be a big circus. If I identified with the current South African leaders, I'd feel deeply humiliated right now at how that show went. But since South Africa is very far from being a bastion of the liberation struggle, I really don't care. I can [...]

El Estado único en Palestina: ¿Problema de judaización o de mera existencia de “Israel”?

Ibrahim Alloush The Free Arab Voice Traducido del árabe para Rebelión por Antonio Martínez Castro¿problema-de-judaización-o-de-mera-existencia-de-“israel”?- El discurso contra la “judaización de Israel” se canaliza por dos caminos: el [...]

The Case against pro-Palestinian Activists Pandering to “Progressive Jews”

Muhammad Abu Nasr 2/21/2013 Between 10-12 May 2013, a group of Arab, Western, and Jewish activists and writers will convene in Stuttgart, Germany, under the auspices of the so-called "Anti-imperialist Camp" to promote a platform of "One Democratic State for all its citizens in historical Palestine", as the invitation called it. Besides [...]

Entrevista a Ibrahim Alloush, coordinador del Grupo al-Kaluti – Yak Campaña para expulsar al embajador israelí de Jordania

Ibrahim Alloush Voz de Rusia Traducido del árabe para Rebelión por Antonio Martínez Castro. Fahim al-Sourani entrevista al profesor Ibrahim Alloush, coordinador del Grupo al-Kaluti–Yak [1], sobre la campaña emprendida para expulsar al embajador israelí de Jordania. Fahim al-Sourani (F.S.): El doctor Ibrahim Alloush [...]
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